About LI Scholarship and Sponsorship Program

Leadership Initiatives Youth Development Summit Sponsorship and Scholarship Program is designed to mutually benefit our spnsors and our students. Possible sponsors are able to choose either a diamond, gold, silver, or bronze sponsorship level, all of which contain different benefits. Each sponsorship will result in a sub-scholarship in the donor’s name, which will go directly to a student in need to help them attend our youth development programs at Georgetown University.

Along with the benefits detailed in the table below, each sponsor will be able to help choose the scholarship recipient, will receive an email update about the student their scholarship was given to which will contain a thank you letter from the student and their website showcasing their accomplishments with Leadership Initiatives, and a quote from the student about how the donor changed their life which each sponsor may use as they wish.

*Please Note Leadership Initiatives Does Not Share Any Of Our Email Lists For Any Reason. Emails sent out on behalf of sponsors will always come from a Leadership Initiatives email account.