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Advanced Law & Trial Internship Summit

The Advanced Law and Trial Internship Summit is a first-of-its-kind program that allows motivated high school students to assist Goodwin, Weber PLLC in two cases of national importance, one federal criminal and another federal civil. In this accelerated micro internship, students will spend seven days working on witness preparation for either a federal criminal investigation or completing trial research on disparate impact portion of a civil rights case involving gender discrimination. These cases contain highly confidential information and will require nondisclosure agreements from students and parents.

The criminal trial is scheduled to begin this summer. The discrimination case will be filed in the Fall of 2018.

Throughout the micro internship, student teams will connect with top law professors and leading attorneys about the cases, sift through legal documents, review evidence, and help prepare the client for trial. On the final day, students assigned to the criminal case will do a mock direct and cross-examination to prepare their client for witness testimony in the nationally publicized case in July. Students focusing on the civil rights case will present case law precedent and strategies for trial to the client and attorney, which ideas and case law research may become part of the U.S. District Court complaint to be filed in the Fall. Students will receive letters of recommendation from the lead attorney trying the cases and may have their ideas implemented.

Students selected to participate in this program automatically receive the Future Leaders Mentorship Scholarship. The scholarship partners students with top-tier mentors from across the globe for six months. Mentors include members of the State Department, USAID, Capital Hill, Georgetown University, World Bank, National Institute of Health, NASA, FBI, ACLU, The Peace Corps, Johns Hopkins and more.

Students will also receive $1000 in tuition assistance, free SAT/ACT training through TestRocker, college essay editing assistance, two letters of recommendation, and scholarship application assistance. These benefits remain available for four years to allow nominations for rising freshmen through rising seniors. Graduating seniors receive specialized benefits tailored to them.

Grades: 9-12
Duration: 7 days
Summit Dates:
June 24th-June 30th
July 15th-21st
Location: Washington, DC

An Unparalleled Educational Experience

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2018 Advanced Law and Trial Internship Summit

All Inclusive Tuition Cost-$3250

Advanced Law and Trial Internship SummitJune 24th-June 30thGeorgetown University, Washington, D.C.Registration Closed$3250
Advanced Law and Trial Internship SummitJuly 15th-July 21stGeorgetown University, Washington, D.C.Registration Still Available$3250
Day 1

Advanced Law and Trial Internship Summit Day 1

  • Arrive On Campus Meet Student Partners From Around The World.
  • Meet With Law Program Partners And Team Leads.
  • Work With On-Site Legal Experts To Understand Your Client's Case.
  • Work Directly With DC Police And DC Attorneys To Review The Laws Of Your Case.
Day 2

Advanced Law and Trial Internship Summit Day 2

  • Meet Your Real-Life Client And The Defense Attorney You Will Be Partnered With For The Program.
  • Start Working With College Admissions Experts and Meet With SAT/ACT Training Experts.
  • Partake in College Admissions panel with experts from: Dartmouth, Georgetown, Harvard, University of Virginia, American University, UCLA, Stanford And More.
  • Meet With Actual Law Students To Learn About What The First Year Of Law School Is Really Like.
  • *Team-Building Event-Sumo Wrestling.
Day 3

Advanced Law and Trial Internship Summit Day 3

  • Specialized Tours Of The U.S. Supreme Court, FBI And The Department Of Corrections.
  • Capitol Lunch Event On The Capitol Steps.
  • Exclusive Tour Of The FBI Or Pentagon Legal Department.
  • Smithsonian Tours Of The Air and Space Museum, Natural History Museum, American History Museum And Natural History Museum.
  • Learn How To Examine A Witness From Real Prosecutors And Defense Attorneys.
  • Learn How To Create A Compelling Opening Statement From Dr. Jacob Arndt.
Day 4

Advanced Law and Trial Internship Summit Day 4

  • Mentor Sessions With Top DC Prosecutors And Defense Attorneys.
  • Learn Case Strategies & Legal Ethics with Georgetown’s Top Law Professors
  • Practice Your Team's Legal Strategies Against Georgetown  Law Professors
  • Courtroom Objections Lesson And Competition.
  • Second Meeting With Client And Attorney To Examine Your Case.
Day 5

Advanced Law and Trial Internship Summit Day 5

  • Tour Of The Department of Forensic Science.
  • Eat Lunch At The Most Famous Restaurant in Georgetown: The Tombs.
  • Review Case strategy With A Real Prosecutor.
  • Practice Legal Presentation In Front Of Professional Legal And Communication Experts.
  • Participate In A Mock Trial With A Real Judge and Prosecutor.
Day 6

Advanced Law and Trial Internship Summit Day 6

  • Final Presentation For Your Defense Case In Front Of Your Client, Their Attorney And A Judge.
  • Georgetown Walking Tour.
  • Pizza Party From DC's Famous Alberto's Pizzaria.
  • Final Night Party With Karaoke, Tarot Card Reading, Water Sports And More.
Day 7

Advanced Law and Trial Internship Summit Day 7

  • Program Award Ceremonies.
  • Learn About International Business Alliance Program And How To Start Your Own Team.
  • College Application Seminar.
  • Sumo Wrestling Tournament.
  • Closing Ceremony With Your New Friends.

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