International Business Internship Program

All attendees of the International Leadership and Business Summit (ILBS) are offered entrance into Leadership Initiatives’ International Business Internship Program (IBIP). IBIP is designed to inspire and promote the efforts of high school students to take charge of their futures while creating global change.  In doing so, LI creates a new generation of leaders who have both a greater understanding and depth of experience in international development.

The work students perform during the ILBS is expanded when they enroll in the IBIP program. Like the ILBS, these students are partnered directly with small business owners in developing communities to help solve issues facing their business. Over the course of 12-24 months, students each fulfill specific leadership roles within the team and collaborate with business owners, learn to promote their work on local and national media outlets and have access to mentors in their professional fields of interest.

Students learn about the intricacies of nonprofit organizations and facilitate fundraisers to help a new business in a developing country. In effect, the program is fostering cross-cultural collaboration that helps strengthen developing leaders in both nations. LI’s IBIP benefits the development of students’ character, motivation and drive for the future. Once in the program, many additional opportunities become available to participating high school students, including SAT/ACT test preparation, college, and scholarship application assistance, letters of recommendation and more.

Two Years of International Development Experience

The single greatest accolade students can have when applying for college is an experience that sets them apart from their peers. Students who participate in the International Business Internship Program will have 12-24 months of experience helping to create new businesses and expand growing businesses in a developing country.

Students will learn about the local resources available to their business partners and how to effectively use those resources to solve problems facing the businesses.  Students are each designated a specific leadership role within their IBIP teams, which include: facilitating college planning, fundraising, communications and public relations, or project management. In addition, they also gain an opportunity to meet and network with other top high school students and business/community leaders.

Alumni of IBIP have written essays for college applications about creating new feeding methods for fish farms in Birshi, developing new water purification methods, teaching new welding techniques and increasing profits for a textile shop with advances advertising techniques. Year after year, these essays detailing the IBIP experience have landed amazing students in some of the top universities in the nation.

Personalized College Acceptance Probabilities

When applying to colleges, often students make a list of their dream schools. Few people go further to research academic requirements to maximize their chances of acceptance. Even for these few, the likelihood of acceptance is often still a mystery. 

Leadership Initiatives has decided to help the IBIP students drastically by taking out the guess work. 

Parchment uses a highly developed algorithm to calculate a percent chance of acceptance for each of our student’s top 10 schools. Parchment also uses GPA and SAT/ACT data to show comparable accepted students. Parchment also tracks our student’s progress, so that as their SAT/ACT, GPA scores improve so do their chances of acceptance. Finally, the IBIP Program provides professional counseling to help our student decide how best to improve their chances.

Speak With Four Experts In The Field(s) Of Your Choice

The LI International Business Internship Program is proud to offer our students a once in a life time experience to be mentored by some of the most successful people in every and any field imaginable.

Students will have regular correspondence with their mentor. Students will have one 45 minute skype calls per semester. Our students will develop relationships that are meaningful to both parties and will last a lifetime.

During the mentoring program, we provide students with a variety of touch points both before and after mentoring sessions and create lines of communication that allow for students to continue to communicate with and grow from the experts with whom they have worked.

We are proud to be partnered with our 400 mentors and experts from NASA, Capitol Hill, the FBI, Secret Service, Pentagon, multiple law firms, National Institute of Health, top financial institutions, businesses and communications firms and many, many more. Their fields of expertise range from graphic design to astrophysics and everything in between

If you are a student and your top four choices for future careers are in international development, oceanography, neurosurgery and/or engineering we have you covered. You can view some of our top mentors here.

Unlimited College Essay & Scholarship Application Assistance

As students progress through high school, they will explore potential career interests, college opportunities and scholarship options. When students enroll in the International Leadership and Business Summit, they are awarded five college application essay reviews in addition to three scholarship application reviews.

Those who elect to become a part of the IBAP program may request unlimited reviews for both categories. (In addition, any students who become IBAP teammates will receive this added benefit.)

This review includes the following:

Your application will be edited to ensure you make an excellent impression at every stage of the most competitive admissions process. Our editors will expertly improve the style, clarity, sentence structure and coherence of your application so that your achievements are noticed. To ensure language errors do not keep you from achieving your ambitions, every section of your university application will be carefully proofread to eliminate any mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling and more.

Our editors will help you tailor your application to suit your chosen program. We are equipped with experience in editing applications from diverse branches of Science and Technology, Commerce, Management, and the Humanities and Social Sciences. Your application will be edited with an understanding of the expectations of different academic faculties.

Most importantly, our professional editors will work with you to tell your personal story to those who need to hear it the most!