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International Leadership &

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Start a Real Business in the Developing World

Work With A Real Start-Up Business To Create A Logo, Marketing Strategy, And Business Plan

Collaborate With Leading Industry Experts

Work With Georgetown University Business Professors, CEOs, And Business Leaders

Work with College

Admissions Experts

One-On-One Application Assistance And Meetings With Top University Admissions Officers

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The International Leadership And

Business Internship Summit Tier II

Launching A Real Start-Up

The Leadership Initiatives Advanced Leadership & Business Internship Summit Tier II is taking our first-of-its-kind accelerated internship to the next level. Students will choose a start-up business from the developing world to partner with. During this program, interns will learn how to skillfully build a business while simultaneously calculating risk – the essentials of constructing a successful enterprise.

Student participants will work closely with Georgetown University professors and business professionals in writing business plans, developing research skills, as well as learning teamwork, proper oral presentation techniques, and critical communication skills.

Along with guest speakers and interactive panels, interns have the unprecedented opportunity to interact with some of Washington’s top business leaders. These experts will lead a series of skill-development workshops to help students create a business plan for our own “Shark Tank” style presentation. Each

student-proposed solution will be implemented by the Nigerian start-up with a full grant from our sponsors.

Interns will work with others from around the world for this extraordinary opportunity to step into the role of a global entrepreneur. During this intensive program, students will learn from experts about business analytics, marketing planning, customer and market insights, as well as study the art of cross-cultural communication.

This curriculum will ensure that all students are well on their way to their future career in international business.


Summit Dates:


Rising Freshmen To Graduating Seniors

7 Days

June 28th – July 4th or July 19th – July 25th

Georgetown University, Washington D.C.


$3400 *30 Financial Assistance Scholarships Are Still Available




Launch A Start-Up

In The Developing World

Work With CEOs And Georgetown's

Top Business Professors

One-On-One Meetings With Yale

And Brown Admissions Officers

Use Grant Money From Top

Sponsors To Create A Business

Students will intern with the Leadership Initiatives Business Development Institute at Georgetown University and work directly with one of four potential start-ups in their area of focus.

Focus areas include fighting hunger, technology and innovation, empowering women, and business expansion.

This internship takes you from ideation to launch, and challenges you to make the critical decisions that every successful entrepreneur faces.

At the summit, students will be partnered directly with leaders from Amazon, Microsoft, and Lockheed Martin to create revolutionary solutions to the problems their start-up is trying to solve.

Students will take classes from the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business's top professors on how to create a business plan, develop a marketing strategy, and gain targeted skills in finance, operations, and policy.

Interns will allocate seed money for their business partner using a grant from our top sponsors.

Program participants with work with business owners to finalize the company's name, establish their brand, execute their marketing plan, and even decide the products they will sell.

Students' top solutions selected by the grant committee will receive additional funding over the course of one year to implement new services for their business partner.

Leadership Initiatives has partnered with top universities around the country to form our College and Business School Admissions Panels to provide students with a firsthand account of what universities look for in their accepted students.

Students attend an exclusive one-on-one meeting with former admissions officers from Yale and Brown University to create the perfect college application.

Program Highlights

Create a Business Plan, Logo, Website, and Marketing Initiative for a Start-up Business

Launch A Real Business

Determine How The Business Will Launch

Students will intern with the Leadership Initiatives Business Development Institute at Georgetown University and work directly with one of four start-ups.

At the conference, interns will work with marketing experts, artists, web designers, and more to create a business plan to launch a real business in the developing world.

Each internship team will determine how their business partner spends seed money given to launch their new business. Working in teams, you will develop your business idea while creating unique solutions to market problems facing the community your business will launch in.

Guest speakers and Georgetown professors will guide you through key focus areas of the launch as you learn to interpret market feedback, test your assumptions, and overcome challenges.

Implement Business Solutions With Industry Experts

Expert Mentors

Work One-On-One With Industry Leaders

Career Consulting Sessions From Business Pioneers

Summit participants will attend career counseling sessions with D.C. executives, allowing students to understand how to create a career plan for several industries.

2020 panels will include members of major organizations like Exxon, Booz Allen, PNC Bank, NBC studios, the Peace Corps and Georgetown University.

Intern teams will have small group discussions with leading CEOs and Georgetown's School Of Business professors working with students to create innovate plans for their business partners launch.

Students will have an unparalleled opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders to help their start-up business partner improve their business venture.

Students have a rare opportunity to meet leaders from Amazon, Microsoft, the State Department, and Exxon.

Elite Meetings & Site Visits

Site Visits To Leading Business, Start-Up Incubators, and Specialized Tours

These events will allow students to learn how each corporation launches marketing plans, creates new products, and remains active within the community it resides.

Students will meet directly with executives and gain a deeper understanding of how multimillion-dollar decisions are made on a daily basis.

Interns will travel to the D.C. corporate offices of Microsoft, Exxon, and Lockheed Martin to meet with executives and gain a deeper understanding of how multimillion-dollar decisions are made on a daily basis.

Summit participants will head to the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, USAID, Start-up Incubators and the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Work Directly With Leaders From The Following Institutions

US Department Of State
World Bank
The Pentagon
Peace Corps

Collaborate With Business and International Development Experts

Stella Onuoha

Former Nigerian Ambassador To The United Nations
Stella Onuoha

Former Nigerian Ambassador To The United Nations

HE the Hon. Ambassador Dr. Stella U. Onuoha, COKS, is the President and Group Managing Director of Esterella Communications Group International (ECGI), LLC. ECGI is a Business Consulting and Facilitation company which caters to both private and government agencies. ECGI’s subsidiary, Esterella Visa Services (EVS) facilitates tourist and business visas to different countries and has over 25 years of travel documents experience under her cap. Stella is an entrepreneur, who sees problems as challenges which provide opportunities to change situations. She is a mother, an ordained Pastor, a licensed Chaplain, a Public Speaker, Trainer, a community Organizer & Leader, a professional MC and a natural born-comedian.

Previously, she worked for corporate America, international organizations and was in charge of Nigerian in Diaspora Organization (NIDO Americas) for 10 years with an office in the Nigerian Embassy In Washington DC. She was also the embassy’s Public Relations Assistant from 2010-2011. Dr. Stella is a Nigerian American and promotes international relations between her two countries.

She is a Board Member/Assistant Dean of Students at Global Oved Dei Seminary and University (GODSU). She also continues to collaborate with other NGOs in different capacities. She is an Ambassador-at-large and Special Envoy in the Field of Diplomacy through an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations ECOSOC. She has won many awards.

She holds a BA, an MBA and PhD. She is a domestic violence survivor, who promotes women empowerment through education. She is a child evangelist because children that know God early in their lives save the world from future troubles (Prov.22:6). She is the founder of Divine Favor Intercessory Ministries, a Virtual Church she founded in 2004 with members all over the world. Her favorite bible verse is Eph 3:20, which in effect says we have been empowered by God to do extraordinarily great things. And YES YOU CAN!!

John Hecklinger

President and Chief Executive Officer of The Global Fund for Children
John Hecklinger

President and Chief Executive Officer of The Global Fund for Children

The Global Fund for Children (GFC) selected John Hecklinger to serve as its new President and Chief Executive Officer, effective November 6, 2017.

John comes to GFC after 12 years at GlobalGiving, where he was instrumental in developing what is now the world’s largest global crowdfunding community. As part of GlobalGiving’s leadership team, John guided the organization’s evolving strategy, which now links corporations, foundations, and individual donors to locally-led organizations through a system that fosters novel solutions to complex problems.“John’s belief in the importance of strong, local organizations working as engines of change was a key factor in his appointment as our next President and CEO, said GFC Board Co-Chair Gunjan Jain. “His commitment to GFC’s unique innovative model of finding, funding, and strengthening small, innovative grassroots organizations that serve children makes him the ideal candidate to expand upon that model and introduce new strategies for building and linking children’s organizations around the world.”

“I’m proud of what we accomplished during my tenure at GlobalGiving, and have considered it a privilege to be part of such a strong, entrepreneurial team,” John stated. “I’m looking forward to drawing on that experience and building on The Global Fund for Children’s 20 plus years of success in identifying emerging local organizations that improve children’s lives. I hope to contribute to greater success as GFC enters a new phase of discovery, innovation, and change.”

The Global Fund for Children currently supports 179 community-led organizations in 54 countries to provide programs and services to at risk-children and youth in four key focus areas: education, gender equity, youth empowerment, and freedom from violence and exploitation.

John previously served as Global Giving’s business development director where he led the group’s corporate partnership efforts. He received English degrees from the University of Virginia and the University of Florida and served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bangui, Central African Republic.

Tiffany Norwood

CEO of Tribetan/Serial Entrepreneur
Tiffany Norwood

CEO of Tribetan/Serial Entrepreneur

Tiffany Norwood is a global serial entrepreneur with a career spanning 30 years, seven start-ups, two IPOs and a patent. In her 20s, she raised $670 million to fund a global satellite radio start-up called WorldSpace, within a couple of years XM Radio was born and still exists today as part of Sirius XM.

Ms. Norwood is considered one of the pioneers of digital broadcasting. She personally did some of the first ever digital content licensing deals in the 1990s with Michael Bloomberg (Bloomberg News) and Phil Kent (CNN). Tiffany was also an early collaborator with the Fraunhofer Institute and their MP3 and MP4 technologies, spending many nights at their labs in Germany more than 20 years ago.

In 1998 she was a keynote speaker about the future of broadcasting and content distribution at a global symposium in Canada. She was the only entrepreneur invited, the only business woman and at age 30, the youngest. Later her remarks were included as a separate chapter in the book "Challenges for International Broadcasting" and her comments were an accurate preview of the future to come, not only in satellite radio, but also digital content, media and broadcasting, all before iTunes, YouTube and Google!

Currently, she is the Founder and CEO of Tribetan an education startup that is focused on teaching and sharing the science of turning imagination into reality. Ultimately Tiffany wants the entrepreneurial skill set of manifesting ideas to be as well know as reading writing and math. She knows this skillset will define success in the future for individuals, companies and countries.

Tiffany has an MBA from Harvard and a BS in Economics with a concentration in statistics and electrical engineering from Cornell. She has lived, worked and visited over 50 countries.

Sarah C. Stiles, PhD, JD

Georgetown University-Department of Sociology Professor
Sarah C. Stiles, PhD, JD

Georgetown University-Department of Sociology Professor

Sarah Stiles joined the Georgetown University sociology faculty in 2007. Prior to that she taught at American University for eight years where she was Director of the Leadership Program in the School of Public Affairs. She met Marshall Bailly at American and has been proud to work with him ever since.

Professor Stiles specializes in courses on law and social entrepreneurship. She regularly partners with both the law school and the business school. Professor Stiles has won numerous awards for her teaching and student engagement. She currently is working on an effort to promote well-being among students. She believes if we are truly serious about changing the world for the better, we must be at our best, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Professor Stiles holds a PhD in political science from Boston University, a JD from Northeastern University, an MA in Spanish literature from New York University, and a BA in Spanish from Southern Methodist University.

Steven Pressman

Association for Social Economics-Vice President
Steven Pressman

Association for Social Economics-Vice President

Dr. Pressman is an Emeritus Professor of Economics and Finance at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, NJ. He also serves as co-editor of the Review of Political Economy, as Associate Editor and Book Review Editor of the Eastern Economic Journal, and a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the journal Basic Income Studies.

He has served on the Board of Directors of the Association for Social Economics from 2000 to 2002, and has been on the Board of Directors of the Eastern Economic Association from 1994 to the present.

Since 1996 he has served as Treasurer of the Eastern Economic Association. In his ten years as Treasurer he has built up a reserve for the organization of around $200,000.

Dr. Pressman received his Ph.D. in 1983 from the New School for Social Research. He has published around 120 articles in refereed journals and as book chapters, and has authored, or edited 13 books, including Women in the Age of Economic Transformation (Routledge, 1994), Economics and Its Discontents (Edward Elgar, 1998), A New Guide to Post Keynesian Economics (Routledge, 2001), Alternative Theories of the State (Palgrave/Macmillan, 2006), 50 Major Economists, 2nd ed. (Routledge, 2006), and Leading Contemporary Economists (Routledge, 2008).

His main areas of research are poverty and income distribution, and government tax and spending policies (including basic income plans, Social Security, education financing and spending, taxing e-commerce, health care policy, and anti-poverty policy).

Ahmed Mohammed

Harvard Medical School-Director of Talent Acquisition
Ahmed Mohammed

Harvard Medical School-Director of Talent Acquisition

Ahmed has been in the human resources and management field for over 13 years. His professional experiences extend over for-profit and non-profit organizations within the United States. He has managed human resource activities in a Fortune 50 company with sales of up to $50 billion a year and has also successfully lead and transformed recruitment, management functions, and talent acquisition activities at two Ivy League institutions, Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts and Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Ahmed’s academic accomplishments include a Diploma in Computer Studies from Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University in Bauchi State Nigeria, an Associate Degree in Computer Applications Management from Bay State College, Boston Massachusetts, a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from Northeastern University, Boston Massachusetts, and an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management from Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, New Hampshire. He is also an Administrative Fellows Program graduate at Harvard University in Boston, MA.

A native of Bauchi State in Nigeria, Ahmed has lived and visited various countries around the world including Europe, Asia, The Middle East, North and South America, and Africa, earning him the title, “global citizen” among his friends and colleagues. He now resides in Boston, MA and travels to Nigeria following his passion for social change in Africa and the world. Balancing everyday life is a process according to Ahmed. “One step leads to the next in an ever-changing cycle. There are no silver bullet solutions. The key is to always be analyzing your personal and professional situation, and making decisions that will have a cumulative effect towards your personal definition of success.”

Chip Kunde

Ferrero-Senior Vice President, Government & Institutional Affairs
Chip Kunde

Ferrero-Senior Vice President, Government & Institutional Affairs

Kunde leads the development and execution of a comprehensive government and public affairs engagement strategy for Ferrero in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

Kunde joined Ferrero from food service distribution company Sysco, where he served as v.p. of government relations since April 2015. In this role, Chip led government relations efforts to promote and protect Sysco’s public policy interests at the local, state, federal and international levels. Prior to Sysco, Kunde was senior v.p. of government relations at Darden Restaurants. In addition to his corporate experience, Chip has held leadership positions at several national and state trade associations, including the International Dairy Foods Association, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, the Connecticut Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors.

Blushel Ocbina

Booz Allen Hamilton-Marketing and Communications Management Consultant
Blushel Ocbina

Booz Allen Hamilton-Marketing and Communications Management Consultant

As a Senior Executive in the federal government, Bill has over 40 years of experience in management, employee training and development, strategic planning, creating global communications and strategic networks, and research & development.

Bill has over 15 years of Senior Executive Service within the US Intelligence Community, including assignments as Associate Director of National Intelligence for Financial Management, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Deputy Enterprise Management, DIA Director of DIA Business Solutions, Director DIA Resource Management Office, Deputy Director of the Military Intelligence Staff, and DIA lead for the Iraq Threat Finance Cell.

Bill was also a former Senior Managing Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers and a retired US Army Officer with over 22 years of service. Bill graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1976 and obtained a Master of Science in Business Administration from Boston University in 1981. Bill holds certifications as a CPA, CFE, CGFM, and CDFM.

Antoine Eloi

Johnson and Johnson-Business Unit Director
Antoine Eloi

Johnson and Johnson-Business Unit Director

Eloi founded Leadership Initiatives (LI) to support university students in developing countries in transforming their social change visions into locally sustainable development projects. To date, LI has supported youth social entrepreneurship in Namibia, Nigeria, and the Philippines. Among the services it provides, LI trains youth in leadership skills, budgeting, networking, project design, management, and communications. Its long-term goal is to foster a strong sense of social consciousness among young professionals that they will take with them into their future roles as leaders in business, government, and the nonprofit sector.

Penny Daniels

3D Communications-Executive Communications Coach
Penny Daniels

3D Communications-Executive Communications Coach

Penny Daniels is a strategic communications consultant and coach for pharmaceutical and device companies, academic institutions, government, and non-profits, empowering top executives and scientists to communicate effectively in urgent, high-pressure environments. An accomplished writer, Penny is recognized for her ability to quickly distill essential messages from complex data, assisting individuals and teams in developing presentations, speeches, webcasts and other content. Penny excels in helping communicators optimize their own individual styles to meet audience needs and achieve business and organizational goals.

A former national broadcast journalist, Penny uses her experience to make even the most senior executives comfortable with the coaching process and draw the best performances from the most reluctant presenters. Penny helps communicators succeed at challenging FDA advisory committee meetings and scientific conferences, present to critical internal audiences and develop and deliver important messages to an increasingly skeptical press.

Bill Stefan

Department of Defense-Deputy for Enterprise Management
Bill Stefan

Department of Defense-Deputy for Enterprise Management

As a Senior Executive in the federal government, Bill has over 40 years of experience in management, employee training and development, strategic planning, creating global communications and strategic networks, and research & development.

Bill has over 15 years of Senior Executive Service within the US Intelligence Community, including assignments as Associate Director of National Intelligence for Financial Management, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Deputy Enterprise Management, DIA Director of DIA Business Solutions, Director DIA Resource Management Office, Deputy Director of the Military Intelligence Staff, and DIA lead for the Iraq Threat Finance Cell.

Bill was also a former Senior Managing Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers and a retired US Army Officer with over 22 years of service. Bill graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1976 and obtained a Master of Science in Business Administration from Boston University in 1981. Bill holds certifications as a CPA, CFE, CGFM, and CDFM.

Nicolas Benore

PNC Bank-Process Improvement Manager
Nicolas Benore

PNC Bank-Process Improvement Manager

Portfolio Manager PNC
October 2012 – Present (2 years)Cleveland/Akron, Ohio Area
-Develop, execute, and refine portfolio management strategies to optimize value of high-risk Non-Strategic and Consumer Retail assets in conjunction with functional partners.
-P&L ownership of broker-originated Home Equity portfolio.
PNCPricing Manager

Pricing Manager PNC
March 2011 – October 2012 (1 year 8 months)Greater Pittsburgh Area
-Develop, recommend, and execute pricing strategy for the Consumer Retail product portfolio (Home Equity Loans/Lines of Credit, Auto, Personal Loans/Lines of Credit, etc), including account acquisition and account management programs with joint accountability with key partners.
-Create optimized, risk-based pricing to exceed financial goals while maintaining a moderate risk profile
-Incorporate risk, behavioral, and price elasticity assumptions into price setting strategy in collaboration with functional partners
PNCSenior Pricing/Financial Analyst

Senior Pricing/Financial Analyst PNC
February 2010 – March 2011 (1 year 2 months)Greater Pittsburgh Area
-Design, deploy, and administer system to allow management of over 200000 price points across Consumer Lending products
-Create automated reporting processes to analyze and distribute competitive information, estimated monthly financial forecasts, application trends, and weekly rate exceptions
-Execute ad-hoc analysis using data from a variety of sources to support Pricing Managers

Whitney Derber

Kahn Zack Ehrlich Lithwick LLP-Associate Counsel
Whitney Derber

Kahn Zack Ehrlich Lithwick LLP-Associate Counsel

Whitney graduated from the Washington College of Law, American University in Washington, D.C. in 2008, where she focused her JD/MA studies on the effects of trade and foreign investment on development, as well as methods for creating sustainable economic development. She was called to the Bar in California in early 2009, shortly after moving to British Columbia in 2008. Whitney was called to the Bar in British Columbia in 2011 after completing her articles with Kahn Zack Ehrlich Lithwick LLP, where she continues to practice civil litigation.

She has traveled extensively throughout the developing world, and has a broad background in business development, intellectual property rights and development methods, and is a firm believer in community-identified, established and funded programs as a method for sustainable development.

Jacob Arndt Ph.D.

Future First Foundation-Chief Academic Officer
Jacob Arndt Ph.D.

Future First Foundation-Chief Academic Officer

Jacob Arndt is the Chief Academic Advisor who works with staff, students and parents to design and implement a challenging curriculum for experiential summer programs. Jacob believes that one of life’s greatest teachers is overcoming challenges.

Jake is a tenured professor of communication studies at Kalamazoo Valley Community College in Kalamazoo Michigan where he teaches courses on public speaking, interpersonal relationships, and organizational/intercultural communication. He actively consults with institutions of higher education, and private/public entities on leadership, employee training and development, and conflict resolution.

Jake has lead Leadership Initiatives business creation programs in the Philippines in addition to creating and designing programs and mentoring business owners across the globe. He had a hand in creating the International Business Alliance Program and wrote curriculum for Leadership Initiatives’ IBIP and ILBS programs.

Jake enjoys working with the students and business owners of Leadership Initiatives in any capacity that he can. He truly believes that the time spent working with Leadership Initiatives has proven to be one of the most rewarding experiences of his career.

Meet With College Admissions Experts

Susan Shifflett

Yale University-Assistant Director of Admissions (Former)
Susan Shifflett

Yale University-Assistant Director of Admissions (Former)

Born and raised in northern California, I am an ABC (American-born Chinese) of Hakka heritage and speak Chinese and English. As an Assistant Director of Admissions at Yale University’s Undergraduate Admissions Office, I am very familiar with high schools in the northern California and Washington DC regions.

I love working with students! As an admissions officer at Yale, I loved seeing students on campus that I had “met” (on paper) through the application process. Since then, I have continued to work alongside American and Chinese students who have interned in my workplaces, in the private sector, government, and NGOs, both in the U.S. and in China (I worked in Beijing for 3 years).

In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my husband, Charlie, and our 2-year-old Golden Retriever puppy, Zebedee. Some of my hobbies include triathlons, guitar, and eating out!

Theodosia S. Cook

Dartmouth College-Director of Institutional Diversity and Equity
Theodosia S. Cook

Dartmouth College-Director of Institutional Diversity and Equity

Experienced Fellow with a demonstrated history of working in the education industry. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Higher Education, Secondary Education and Diversity Training. Currently driving greater organizational awareness by applying principles of inclusive leadership, organization development, adult learning, and instructional design to create systems and initiatives to bring the very best out of people and institutions.

Erica Curtis

Brown University-Admissions Evaluator (Former)
Erica Curtis

Brown University-Admissions Evaluator (Former)

I am a Former Admissions Evaluator at Brown University and have been working in college admissions for almost a decade. I have enjoyed counseling hundreds of students through the college admissions process as the Director of College Counseling and Associate Director of College Counseling at various independent schools in Maryland. My knowledge of selective college admissions has only increased through membership in NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling) and PCACAC (Potomac and Chesapeake Association for College Admission Counseling) and travel to professional conferences and campus visits.

I also love teaching students and have taught US history, American government, French and psychology classes in the past. My foray into education began with a year abroad in South Korea teaching ESL.

I have my BA from the Pennsylvania State University in History and French, MA from Columbia University in French Studies, and a MAT from Brown University in Secondary Education. I lived  abroad in Paris for three years and take every opportunity to return to France as often as possible.

When I am not advising students about the college admissions process, I am an avid knitter, weaver, baker, and hiker.

Annie Vinik

Educational Consultant at Vinik Educational Placement Services, Inc.
Annie Vinik

Educational Consultant at Vinik Educational Placement Services, Inc.

Annie Vinik joined Vinik EPS in 2014 after a thirteen-year career on college campuses. In her years as an academic advisor, Annie helped hundreds of students successfully transition to college life and now uses her experience and nuanced understanding of university culture to guide her clients through the college admissions process. In addition to her work with high school students, Annie also helps college students with graduate school admissions. 

Annie holds a bachelors degree from Duke University and a masters degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Before joining Vinik EPS, she was an Associate Director of Academic Advising at the George Washington University's Elliott School of International Affairs, where she helped students map out their academic plans, from orientation through graduation and beyond. Her work also focused on undergraduate research and study abroad.

Prior to GW, Annie taught English in France, worked at the Duke University Law School, and oversaw the study abroad program at the Olin College of Engineering. As an undergraduate, Annie spent a year studying abroad in Paris. She also volunteered in the Duke Office of Undergraduate Admissions and later served as an alumni interviewer for the university. A graduate of Georgetown Day School in Washington, DC, she was a member of the school's Alumni Board for almost ten years, including two as president.

Reggie McGahee

George Washington University-Associate Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid
Reggie McGahee

George Washington University-Associate Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid

A former National Bar Association“Young Lawyer of the Year” and “Top 40 Lawyer Under 40”, Reginald A. McGahee became an Assistant Dean at Howard University School of Law at the age of 26. He currently serves as the Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Admissions and is well known for his innovative ideas and dedication to helping shape the future of the law school.

A Georgia native, Dean McGahee graduated South Carolina State University (“SCSU”) with honors with dual degrees in English and Political Science. While at SCSU, he travelled the country to represent his undergrad, was selected to serve as a Washington DC Capitol Intern, served as the Student Director of the South Carolina Legislative Black and was selected as a fellow at the University of Virginia Ralph Bunche Summer Institute in the area of political science for his research in group utility heuristics in the African American Community.

In addition to his responsibilities as Associate Dean, Reginald is a former partner at Mincey, Battle and McGahee, LLP, where he negotiated contracts for professional athletes. Dean McGahee has spoken internationally in Brazil, Switzerland, Canada, France, London, Mexico, and the United Arab Emirates and at over 100 events domestically. His areas of expertise range from law school admissions, diversity in the legal profession, student and professional success to the impact that education has on emerging communities in the 21st century.

The International Leadership and

Business Internship Summit Tier II

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The International Leadership and Business Internship Summit Tier II

The International Leadership and Business Internship Summit Tier II

June 28th – July 4th

Georgetown University, Washington DC


July 19th – July 25th

Georgetown University, Washington DC


Join Now To Transform The World

This Summer

Program Tuition & Assistance

International Leadership &

Business Internship Summit



Leadership initiatives not only gave me the opportunity to meet with new people and expand my networking ability tenfold, but I also found I had a knack for team building and creative thought. Last year's business summit changed my life for the better, especially with joining an IBIP team. I'm very excited and prepared to change lives again this summer, it'll be nice to see Marshall again too."

Student Name:

International Leadership & Business Internship Summit

Attending the International Leadership & Business Internship Summit Tier II this summer!


Summer Program:

Aidan L.

International Leadership &

Business Internship Summit



Leadership initiatives is an incredible program. It is amazing that my group, as teenagers, could actually help a business owner in Nigeria. I love staying on the Georgetown campus and touring DC. I made so many valuable connections that I know will help me in the future. LI has given me skills that are already helping me to reach my goals. I am very excited to attend the tier 2 business program this summer and take this program to the next level."

Student Name:

International Leadership & Business Internship Summit

Attending the International Leadership & Business Internship Summit Tier II this summer!


Summer Program:

Nicholas S.

International Leadership &

Business Internship Summit



My first year IBILS was probably one of the best experiences I’ve had throughout my high school life. The newfound skills and the amazing work our team was able to accomplish was something that was really life-changing. Adding onto that, the bonds and friends I was able to make during that one week were also something I don’t think I could’ve found anywhere else. For these reasons and more, I truly am overjoyed to be given another opportunity to take my knowledge one step further."

Student Name:

International Leadership & Business Internship Summit

Attending the International Leadership & Business Internship Summit Tier II this summer!


Summer Program:

Sean Y.

Georgetown University

Exclusive Partnership Benefits

Founded in 1789, Georgetown University is recognized worldwide for excellence in international relations, politics, medicine, and law. It is consistently ranked as one of America’s top 20 universities. Famous alumni include US President Bill Clinton, actor Bradley Cooper, and the Crown Prince of Spain. Ideally situated in Washington, D.C., Georgetown is the perfect setting for a pre-college program.

Leadership Initiatives has partnered with Georgetown for over a decade and have been recognized multiple times with the Outstanding Community Partner Award. We’ve created six first-of-their-kind programs for students who come from all 50 states and nations from across the globe. This summer, expand your horizons at one of the top universities in the world in the nation's capital.

Leadership Initiatives Youth Development Programs are granted exclusive access to experts, facilities, technology and educational opportunities from our partners. In addition our programs are heavily subsidized by our sponsors allowing our programs to offer additional benefits that no other summer program in the world can offer.

Please click on the sections above to learn about our programs, our specialized student housing, meal plans, student travel, and more. Click below to learn about our academic benefits.

Exclusive Tours Of The State Department, National Institute Of Health, Supreme Court And More

In addition to unparalleled access to mentors, experts, and direct action, students will select from a list of available locations on Choose Your Own Adventure sessions!

Officials will provide private tours of select DC sites including the World Bank, National Institute of Health and Congressional Offices. These exclusive tours allow a small group of students an opportunity to ask in-depth questions and make personal connections with top-tier institutions.

Embassy of the People’s Republic of China,

Embassy of Israel, Embassy of Austria, Embassy of Britain, Embassy of Egypt & Embassy of Italy.

2020 International Leadership and Business Summit Exclusive Tours Include:

Supreme Court, United States Congress,

Metropolitan Police Department, The Public Defender Service, United States District Court for the District of Columbia and Washington D.C. Department of Corrections.

2020 Advanced Law & Trial Internship Summit Exclusive Tours Include:

National Institute of Health,

Howard University Simulation Training & Education Lab, Georgetown University School Of Medicine, Red Cross and The National Museum of Health and Medicine.

2020 Advanced Medical & Public Health Summit Exclusive Tours Include:

Student Housing

Our Georgetown University dormitories are Copley and LXR Halls. You will be a part of a dynamic community of students and staff who live together in the residence halls.

Whether you’re working on a group project or Sumo Wrestling on the quad, it’s great to live with your friends. And if you have any questions, your Resident Counselor (RC) lives down the hall and is there for you 24/7.

Our students will live in a two-person room and may select their own roommate upon enrolling in the program.

Leadership Initiatives will provide luxury bedding, towels and pillows.


Every air-conditioned room includes a bed, study desk, closet & Wi-Fi.

Lounges, game rooms, laundry facilities, and the Leadership Initiatives office are all in the residence hall.

We are only a short walk from our academic buildings, Georgetown Cupcake and Georgetown's Olympic Gym.

Student Meal Plans

Leadership Initiatives is proud to have an all-inclusive meal plan. Students will never spend additional money on meals while at the conference. All participants have three meals per day, access to snacks and drinks at all times in the dorm rooms and several dessert surprises throughout the week.

We are the only summer program in the world where students are able to order food directly through our app which is delivered to students after classes to ensure they can focus solely on transforming lives at the conference.

We guarantee that you will have something to eat of your choosing, regardless of food allergies, veganism, vegetarianism, or any other health concern or dietary restriction.

Every morning, we create a continental breakfast buffet. Every student can use our waffle makers, select from ten types of cereal, sausages, tea, coffee, several juices, fruit, and three types of breakfast sandwiches every morning of the summit.

Students will have the opportunity to choose from 4 different restaurants for each meal every day that they are at the summit. Below are all the locations you will have an opportunity to eat at including the Famous Supreme Court Dining Hall.

Continental Breakfast

Lunches and Dinners From Local Restaurants

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Student Safety

Student Health

Students Are Always With A Staff Member

If A Student Becomes Sick Or Injured

Students With Medical Conditions

Students will live in Copley and LXR Halls. Students and staff will live together in the residence halls to ensure students have all educational, health and safety needs attended to day and night.

All Georgetown University dormitories have special keycard access requirements and security at the front entrance ensuring non-students cannot entire the dormitory and students cannot leave without permission.

Leadership Initiatives Staff and Offices are on call/open twenty-four hours a day during the conference. We are always ready to answer student or parent questions and provide assistance any time it is needed.

Resident Counselors make medical appointments in coordination with parents, accompany students to medical facilities, obtain prescription medications, and notify parents after medical visits.

Appointments are made with University Health Services or the Georgetown University Medical Center.

Leadership Initiatives has trained staff to allow students with almost any medical condition attend our conferences. Please email our main offices and we will create a plan together to ensure the student has the time of his or her life.

Student Arrivals And Departures

Students Arriving And Departing By Plane

Students Arriving By Car

Arrival Dates Outside Of The Program

Leadership Initiatives can provide transportation to and from the program for an additional $70. This includes pickup and drop-off at any of the major Washington D.C. airports (National, Dulles, BWI) and Penn Station if a student is arriving by train.

Leadership Initiatives staff members will pick up and drop students at the security gate. Leadership Initiatives will send a picture of the staff member picking up the student 24hrs before their flight's departure.

Upon arrival, the Leadership Initiatives staff member picking up the student will send a picture of the student to the parent or guardian.

When departing, the Leadership Initiatives staff member taking the student to the airport will walk the student to the security gate and will stay at the airport until the student's flight has taken off.

If you are arriving by car please use this address: 3700 P Street NW, Washington DC 20007. Your luggage will be off-loaded at a small drop off area and carted to your residence hall upon arrival.

Students who are traveling extensive distances may arrive one to three days early but will be subject to early arrival fees by Georgetown University of $200 per additional night of stay. All other students must adhere to check-in times.

Academic, College Application

& Career Benefits

All students attending Leadership Initiatives Summer Programs are entitled to ten benefits that no other organization around the world offers to their participants. Each benefit is specifically designed to assist the participating student with entrance into college or gain experience/knowledge in a career they wish to one day pursue.

In 2019 our graduating seniors:

Received over $1.58 million dollars in scholarships for college.

Had over 450 essays edited for college applications.

85% of our graduating seniors requested and received letters of recommendation.

On average increased their ACT scores by 4 points and SAT scores by 240 points.

Click on the links to your left and to the right below to learn more.

Our Top 10 Academic, College Selection And College Application Benefits

1. College Admissions Counseling

2. College Probability Modeling

3. SAT/ACT Training Courses

4. College Essay Review Service

5. Letters Of Recommendation

College Application Benefits

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Summer program students will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a college admissions expert. They will help walk students through the ins-and-outs of college applications, essay writing, and scholarships.

Students can speak directly with former admissions officers from schools such as Yale, Brown & UCLA. These individuals have a minimum of 15 years of experience in the field of college admissions.

Students are recommended to have their most pressing questions about the college application process ready so they can have them answered by someone who knows the application system inside and out.

Past students have used this time to hone in on their essay topics, decide on how many colleges to apply to, and create application time lines.

One-On-One College Admissions Counseling

Leadership Initiatives and our partners at Parchment, TestRocker and University Initiatives have designed a system that will calculate the probability of acceptance into the student’s top university choices based on the students GPA, test scores, extracurricular activities, career goals, financial need and more.

The Leadership Initiatives college admissions team will then help all participants narrow their college interest list and create a college application plan.

Because our college admissions team work with a broad range of higher education institutions, their advice, and beneficial knowledge will allow students to further understand the college admissions process.

College Probability Calculator

College Probability Calculator

Community Service

Extra-Curricular Activities

Financial Assistance Needs

SAT/ACT Test Scores

Grade Point Average

The college admissions team will then identify the most important areas students can focus on to increase their probability of gaining acceptance into their top college choices.

College Probability Modeling

Featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and The Huffington Post, TestRocker is the premier online SAT/ACT training resource for high school students across the United States. All summer program participants will receive one year of free online SAT/ACT training from TestRocker valued at over $1200.

Students have increased their SAT & ACT scores by an average of 280 points and 4 points, respectively.

TestRocker utilizes personalized learning that incorporates technology & quality content to enable students to drastically increase their ability to take college standardized tests. TestRocker combines highly-effective private tutors with the best technology on the market to increase student scores.

TestRocker comes with customized lessons, full-length tests, and 24/7 customer service.

Handpicked by parents and industry experts for BEST-IN-CLASS AWARDS

We will email the students’ parents a bi-weekly report so that parents can keep track of their progress.

We take accountability to support our students throughout their test-prep journey.

Exclusive SAT/ACT Training From TestRocker

All summer participants are able to submit up to five college application essays for review by our partners at University Initiatives. University Initiatives employs college writing professors and admissions experts to help students craft the best essay possible for their college applications.

This offer is exclusive, and not available with any other institution or program!

Each student essay will be edited to ensure it makes an excellent impression at every stage of the competitive application process. The editors will improve the style, clarity, sentence structure and coherence of your application so that your achievements are noticed.

To ensure language errors do not keep students from achieving their ambitions, every section of your university application will be carefully proofread to eliminate any mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling and more.

Editors bring their experience in many different backgrounds, including Science and Technology, Commerce, Management, and the Humanities.

College Essay Review Service

Students who participate in any of Leadership Initiatives Youth Development Programs will have the opportunity to have two letters of recommendation written for them from any Leadership Initiatives staff member, including the Executive Director Marshall Bailly.

Students that participated in the International Leadership and Business Summit can ask for letters of recommendation from their business partner or translator. Students of the Advanced Law and Trial Summit can request letters from the programs directors or lawyers they are interning with for letters of recommendation.

Students of the Advanced Medical and Public Health Summit can ask the patients they diagnose or the doctors they work with for letters of recommendation. Students receive glowing and personal letters of recommendation from individuals whose lives they impacted and professionals they have partnered with.

These unique and complimentary letters are one of the most highly regarded benefits that Leadership Initiatives has. Below are letters of recommendation from past students showcasing how the program transformed their lives:

Matthew Matusiewicz - Full Ride to UC Berkeley School of Engineering

Matthew Chang - Over $30,000 in Financial Assistance to Attend Harvard University

Ricky Toh - Outside Merit Based Full Ride to Stanford University

Meredith Karle - Full Scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Letters Of Recommendation

Students will receive customized web pages based on which program they attend.

web pages include a portfolio that outlines the real court case each student

worked on, showcasing their actual internship with Goodwin Weber PLLC and their work advocating for clients on Capitol Hill.

Law Program

web pages showcase the student's internship with a business in the

developing world and their solution development presentation to members of the United Nations, Harvard's University Admissions Panel, and the US Pentagon.

Business Program

web pages include a full video of each student diagnosing a real patient

in the developing world using VR technology, the CPR, AED, and First Aid certification awarded by the Red Cross of America, and each student's work at the Howard University Medical Simulation Center.

Medical Program

A link to the website will be included in each student's personal letter of recommendation, allowing colleges to discover firsthand the once-in-a-lifetime experience each student has had alongside Leadership Initiatives.

Below are student websites from our 2019 summer programs.

Advanced Law & Trial Summit

International Leadership & Business Internship Summit

Advanced Medical Neuroscience Program

Advanced Medical and Public Health Summit

Student Career Websites

6. Student Career Websites

7. Elite College Admissions Panels

8. Career Mentorship Program

9. Scholarship Application Assistance

10. College Student Mentorship Program

College Selection Benefits

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To Learn More

Leadership Initiatives has partnered with top universities around the country to form a panel of college admissions officers to provide students with a firsthand account on how universities select their incoming students.

Students attend an exclusive Question and Answer Session with College Admissions Officers from Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Georgetown, George Washington, and American University. These experts will discuss the basics of filling out your application, content for inclusion and exclusion, what activities stand out the most in student applications, and techniques to write a memorable application essay.

Participants in each program attend a specific graduate-level admissions panel to plan ahead to Law School, Medical School, and Business School.

No other program in the country offers pre-professional school advice directly from admissions officers, allowing students to plan ahead to their future careers and shape their path to success.

Elite College Admissions Panels

Leadership Initiatives partners summer program students with a US-based mentor of their choice from the Leadership Initiatives community of supporters.

Potential mentorship partners include executives at some of the Country’s most successful businesses, top legal experts in Washington, D.C., Harvard Staff and Faculty, former State Department officials, Georgetown University Professors, NASA scientists, Federal Law Enforcement Officers, and more.

Over the course of 18 months, these mentors work with students to help navigate the way to their future colleges and careers.

Students receive the perceptive, wisdom, and life advice from these highly successful mentors to aid in their transition to college and their career beyond.

Career Mentorship Program

Leadership Initiatives has worked with high school seniors and current undergraduates to apply for scholarships for over two decades. Seniors who utilize our scholarship assistance program to apply for 12 scholarships, that we approve and professionally edit have a 32.17% chance of receiving a scholarship of at least $500 up to $62,000.

In 2019, Leadership Initiatives scholarship assistance program helped students to receive over $4.8 million dollars in financial aid for all four years of college.

Program participants received Merit Based Full Scholarships For:

Notre Dame

UNC Chapel Hill

UC Berkley


Kansas State

The University of Chicago (through a Questbridge Scholarship)

Program participants received additional scholarships for: 

Stanford, Columbia, University of Virginia, William & Mary, University of Michigan, George Washington University, Northwestern University, Georgetown University, American University, and many more!

Scholarship Application Assistance

Current college students know first hand the best and worst qualities of their respective university, as well as the time-consuming and often stressful application process. Leadership Initiatives pairs summer program students with current college students from the school of their choice to get the most personal and authentic image of their dream school.

Students will have one-on-one calls with their college mentor to answer any questions, discuss the qualities of the college, and receive advice on the application process. LI has past students and current interns at the nations top colleges, as well as access to students at nearly every US college. These calls act as an exceptional resource during the college-decision period of every student’s life.

Summer program students also have the opportunity to network with past participants, who attend the nation's foremost universities, received internships at the UN, with US congressional officials, and many leading businesses nationwide.

These leaders will share the steps they took to achieve these goals and offer advice for your own personal journey into the university and career of your choosing.

College Student Mentorship Program

Partners and Sponsors

Global Giving
Great Nonprofits
International Youth Foundation
Future First Foundation
Microsoft Youthspark Grant Recipient
Starbucks Foundation