Ambassador Program

For Inspired Students Who Are Discovering Our Future Leaders

Leadership Initiatives is looking for outstanding high school students who are interested in gaining real-world experience, exploring future careers, developing leadership skills, and experiencing college life.

Due to the success of Leadership Initiatives Youth Development Programs in the summer of 2017, our sponsors have allocated us with a directed grant of $50,000 dollars to assist with the expansion of our summer programs at Georgetown University.

Leadership Initiatives has decided to use this grant to partner with our extraordinary students to ensure we recruit their brightest peers from across the globe. This process will allow us to place the vast majority of our focus where it belongs; on the education, inspiration, and training of the next generation of leaders.

We have developed this ambassador program to increase the number of applicants from partner schools and to reward successful IBIP and ILBS students by creating an unparalleled benefits package for our top participants. Each ambassador will work with their peers, parents and high school counselors to determine which students at their school would be a good fit for Leadership Initiatives Youth Development Programs.

This is an opportunity for our IBIP and ILBS students to locate and inspire the next generation of leaders and transform lives directly by nominating them for the 2018 summer programs.

Ambassador Overview

The intent of this program is to reach out to this generation of dreamers and give them the experience they need to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Ambassador Benefits
Ambassador Qualifications
Ambassador Enrollment Form
Ambassador Student Nomination Form

1. Funding For A Leadership Initiatives Summer Program Or A Grant For College Tuition

Ambassadors will receive funds towards a summer program or college based on the number of students they successfully recruit for a Leadership Initiatives’ Youth Development Program.

For each student that the ambassador helps enroll in a Leadership Initiatives Youth Development Program, the ambassador will receive a $300 grant towards a Leadership Initiatives Program or a $250 grant towards college expenses.

2. Year-long Mentorship With One Of Leadership Initiatives Top Mentors

Leadership Initiatives will partner any ambassador who recruits 10 or more students with a top mentor from across the globe.* As one of the top ambassadors, students will get to select a field of interest and will then be partnered with a mentor from that field. Potential mentors include leaders from Sysco Systems, the Pentagon, Exxon, NASA, The Secret Service, and Booz Allen Hamilton.

Over the course of 12 months, these mentors will work with help students navigate the way to their future colleges and careers by conducting mentorship calls. Each qualified ambassador will have 12 mentorship calls with the mentor of their choice as they prepare for their future and learn more about a potential career field.

*If 10 ambassadors do not recruit 10 or more students, then the 10 ambassadors who recruit the most students will be offered a specialized mentor. Selection for mentors will be given to the ambassadors based of off the number of students they recruit. 

3. Exclusive Summer Internship

Any ambassador who recruits more than 20 students will receive a once-in-a-lifetime internship opportunity for the summer of 2019.* These ambassadors will receive their choice of an internship with a member of Congress, Exxon Mobil, Booz Allen Hamilton, NASA, or the Pentagon. These incredible internships help students stand out and provide immeasurable real-world experience.

*If no ambassador recruits 20 or more students, then the top 3 ambassadors who recruit the most students will be offered their choice of internship. Selection for internships will be given to the ambassadors based off of the number of students they recruit. Leadership Initiatives is not responsible for the cost of living or travel for any internship an ambassador agrees to participate in. 


4. Unlimited essays/Scholarship applications professionally reviewed by University Initiatives™

Students who become an ambassador in good standing will have unlimited college essays or scholarships professionally reviewed by University Initiatives college essay and scholarship review service. University Initiatives employs college writing professors and admissions experts to help students craft the best essay possible for their college applications. This offer is exclusive, and not available with any other institution or program! 

This review includes the following:

  • Our editors will expertly critique the style, clarity, sentence structure, and coherence of your essay.
  • Our team will carefully proofread every section of your university application to eliminate any mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling and more to ensure that language errors do not keep you from achieving your ambitions.
  • Our editors will help you tailor your application to suit your chosen program. We are equipped with experience in editing applications from diverse branches of Science and Technology, Commerce, Management, and the Humanities and Social Sciences. Your application will be edited by experts with an understanding of the expectations of different academic faculties.

5. Top-Tier One-On-One College Application Assistance From Admissions Experts

Many students don’t know what to include in their personal essays and how many extracurricular activities are needed in order to diversify their college applications. In order to help our students get into their dream schools, we have assembled a panel of admissions experts from Ivy League institutions to develop a curriculum aimed at helping you stand out when applying to college.

6. Scholarship Priority

As a successful ambassador, students will automatically be in contention for receiving the Future Leaders Internship Scholarship towards one of Leadership Initiatives Summer Programs.

This benefit also applies to the students recommended by the ambassador! They will be placed in a high-priority group when being considered for the Empowering Women Scholarship, Future Leaders Internship Scholarship, Madeleine Albright Immigrant Leader Scholarship, and Barbara Gittings LGBTQ+ Leadership Scholarship.

7. Build Your Resume

As an Ambassador, students will develop excellent resume qualities such as responsibility, maturity, and professionalism. They will also learn important leadership skills as they mentor peers and gain a competitive edge as they prepare for the Youth Development Summer Programs. 

Ambassador Qualifications 


Typically, we look for students who devote their efforts to educationally purposeful endeavors.

Especially, students who:

  • Are engaged in the process of education by taking on active roles in their school.
  • Are engaged in active and collaborative learning.
  • Are persistent in their pursuit of meaningful academic and non-academic efforts.

If you are a student who demonstrates these abilities, please fill out the form below.

Questions? Contact the Office of Admissions at (202) 738-1115 Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time and Saturday/Sunday -11 a.m. to 8 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time.