Ambassador Program

For Inspired Students Who Are Discovering Our Future Leaders

About The Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program Benefits

Leadership Initiatives is looking for outstanding high school students who are interested in gaining real-world experience, exploring future careers, developing leadership skills, and experiencing college life.

Due to the success of Leadership Initiatives Youth Development Programs in the summer of 2018, our sponsors have allocated us with a directed grant of $400,000 dollars to assist with the expansion of our summer programs at Georgetown University.

Leadership Initiatives has decided to use this grant to partner with our extraordinary students to ensure we recruit their brightest peers from across the globe. This process will allow us to place the vast majority of our focus where it belongs: on the education, inspiration, and training of the next generation of leaders.

We have developed this ambassador program to increase the number of applicants from partner schools and to reward successful Leadership Initiatives students by creating an unparalleled benefits package for our top participants. Each ambassador will work with their peers, parents and high school counselors to determine which students at their school would be a good fit for Leadership Initiatives Youth Development Programs.

This is an opportunity for our IBIP and YDP students to locate and inspire the next generation of leaders and transform lives directly by nominating them for the 2020 summer programs.

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Any ambassador who recruits more than 25 students will receive a once-in-a-lifetime internship opportunity for the summer of 2020. These ambassadors will receive their choice of an internship with a member of Congress, Exxon Mobil, Booz Allen Hamilton, NASA, or the Pentagon. These incredible internships help students stand out and provide immeasurable real-world experience.

College Essays Edited By LI's Top Editor Katherine Bahr Ph.D.

Benefits For Recruiting 5 Students

Benefits For Recruiting 10 Students

Ambassadors who recruit a minimum of three students will have their college essays professionally reviewed by Katherine Bahr.Katherine has assisted students in being accepted into the nation's top university by working with students to create powerful and unique essays that grab the attention of the college admissions officers who receive them. Katherine has over forty years of writing experience publishing major articles in academic journals, writing stories for newspapers and editing books.

Exclusive Year-long Mentorships

Leadership Initiatives will partner any ambassador who recruits 10 or more students with a top mentor from across the globe. As one of the top ambassadors, students will get to select a field of interest and will then be partnered with a mentor from that field. Potential mentors include leaders from Sysco Systems, the Pentagon, Exxon, NASA, The Secret Service, and Booz Allen Hamilton.

One-On-One College Application Assistance From Yale or Brown Admissions Officers

Many students don’t know what to include in their personal essays and how many extracurricular activities are needed in order to diversify their college applications. In order to help our students get into their dream schools, we have assembled leading admissions experts from Ivy League institutions (including the former head of Yale Admissions). These experts will meet one-on-one with our ambassadors to help them stand out when applying to college.

Free Admission Into Any Summer Program

Benefits For Recruiting 15 and 20 Students

Ambassadors who recruit 20 students will receive a full scholarship to attend any summer program of their choosing. Students who accomplish this will also have two dinners at Georgetown's famous Tombs with their guest speak of choice or with their admissions officer of choice.

Intern At Our Summer Programs

Ambassadors who recruit 15 students will be able to intern at any summer program of their choice. Leadership Initiatives sponsors will also cover the cost of your flight to the conference. Students who accomplish this will also have two dinners at Georgetown's famous Tombs with their guest speak of choice or with their admissions officer of choice.

Elite Scholarship Application Assistance

Leadership Initiatives sponsors will cover all costs associated with the seven day trip and allow students to see part how Leadership Initiatives transforms lives in a way, that was never possible before. Benefit Recruitment Goal: 35 studentsStudent ambassadors who recruit ten or more students will work directly with Marshall Bailly and several scholarship admissions experts to apply for ten scholarships. Previous students working within this scholarship assistance program have received leadership, academic scholarships to top universities.In 2017, Leadership Initiatives staff assisted LI graduates in receiving $1.48 million dollars in financial aid.

Benefits For Recruiting 25 and 30 Students

Once in a life-time trip to Nigeria to visit your business partner

Unparalleled Summer Internship At A Major US Company Or Institution

Any ambassador who recruits more than 30 students may attend a once in a lifetime trip to visit Leadership Initiatives programs in Nigeria with chief Leadership Initiatives staff.