About Leadership Initiatives

The mission, vision, and values that guide our work and our programs

Empowerment through education and business

LI empowers people to take control of their circumstances through education, business creation, and the application of practical skills

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Promoting democracy and global prosperity

LI promotes the opportunity of democracy and economic prosperity to communities around the world

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Cultivating the next generation of leaders

LI offers ambitious students real-world experience, career exploration, leadership skills, and college preparation

Prepare for college and your career ahead

Develop your leadership skills and prepare for careers in law, medicine, international development, or business

About Leadership Initiatives

For more than 15 years, Leadership Initiatives has partnered with outstanding high school students to gain real-world experience, explore future careers, develop leadership skills and experience college life.

Leadership Initiatives Youth Development Programs have assisted over 10,000 student leaders in attending college, receiving scholarships, gaining SAT and ACT training, partnering with top mentors from across the globe and transforming lives. Leadership Initiatives was founded on the idea that YOU can change the world at any age.

Leadership Initiatives program participants have created over 54 businesses across the continent of Africa, assisted low-income Washington D.C. residents in receiving a fair trial and provided developing communities access to desperately needed medical care.

Leadership Initiatives is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit institution with accolades from top Non-Profit accreditation organizations such as Guidestar, GlobalGiving, the International Youth Foundation and has been funded by Microsoft’s YouthSpark Program and the Starbucks Foundation.

What Makes Us Different

Leadership Initiatives is a non-profit that believes in providing the highest-quality programs and services, leading by example, and going the extra mile to serve our students and partners. We believe in giving students real-world experiences that help them live out their dreams and realize their full potential. We believe we can help students achieve personal and professional success by providing a rigorous and comprehensive educational experience within a nurturing, student-centered environment of full immersion. We believe in providing students with opportunities for collaboration by drawing upon the knowledge, skills, resources, and passions of our partners from around the globe.

In other words, we develop future leaders to transform the world. Leadership Initiatives is the only international youth development nonprofit operating in the world that does all of the following:

  • Students Create A Real World Impact

    Students receive job training and career experience working side-by-side with experts in the fields of business, international development, law, and medicine. At the end of each program, students participate in court cases, diagnose patients, and design solutions to problems faced by businesses in the developing world.

  • Individual Counseling On College And Career Opportunities

    College admission specialists will assist students with college selection, applications, and essay review.

  • SAT/ACT Training Provided By Testrocker

    TestRocker is the shortest way to the highest score because we combine one of the best private tutors with the best technology has to offer: leading to efficient learning. TestRocker students have increased their SAT and ACT scores by an average of 280 points and 4 points, respectively. Today, students from 36+ countries around the world are using TestRocker to prepare for their standardized tests.

  • Exclusive Career Fairs, Mentors and Letters of Recommendation For College Applications

    During our evening networking events and career fairs, students will make connections with professionals in their field and learn how to navigate their career pathway. After the conference, students will be connected with mentors that are nationally recognized leaders in over 200 fields. When the time comes for college applications, the student has the opportunity to receive two letters of recommendation from their mentor or Leadership Initiatives team member to showcase their skills, abilities, and accomplishments they made while attending our summits.

  • Student Alumni Partnership Program

    Through our Alumni Connection Program, students will be connected with a large support group to help you navigate the complex world of post-secondary education, as well as other obstacles that they may encounter while pursuing college and career success. Students can speak to other Leadership Initiatives students who now attend Harvard, Georgetown, Stanford, the University of Chicago, and more. The goal is for students to learn about the application process from students who were accepted into top universities!

  • Exclusive Access To The International Business Internship Program

    All attendees of the International Leadership and Business Summit (ILBS) are offered entrance into Leadership Initiatives’ International Business Internship Program (IBIP). IBIP is designed to inspire and promote the efforts of high school students to take charge of their futures while creating global change. In doing so, LI creates a new generation of leaders who have both a greater understanding and depth of experience in international development.