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Business Internship Summit

Team: Jobs Computer Repair

Our Life-Changing Project

Our Business Partner: Abdullahi Umar

Business Owner:Abdullahi Umar

Location: Birshi Village, Bauchi State Nigeria

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Our Challenges

but the public do not know each of the

center offers.

new services his computer repair


Mr. Umar has exanded his services

Business Partner Challenges




Mr. Umar wants to reach create

reach the majority of his

community through local media.

an advertising plan that will

Advertising New Services

Business Partner Challenges




through social media.

Reaching new communities

Social Media Outreach

Business Partner Challenges




Our Solutions

Re-branding his shop

As you can see, his doors show that he photocopies, and that is it. To fix this we will first repaint the front which will be able to attract customers with the colors. Having the business name and the logo will also be painted on the front. Our final proposed change is on the blank doors showing the numerous services on them. This will really help Mr. Umar in showing the other services he does and help expand his business.

Banners and Fliers

When we Skype called our partner for the second time he went more in-depth about how people who come in for one service don’t know about the other services he offers and therefore he requested a banner hung in his shop for those who come in to see all the other services offered. Similarly, once we heard that most of his clients come from a nearby college only a couple of blocks away we knew we had to maximize this opportunity for the most clients to come to him.
We brainstormed and thought about how colleges here solicit its students into their clubs and nearby organizations and we realized that fliers were commonly used and could be a viable option over there. These fliers will be put in strategic places where college students are most. In classrooms, hallways, and in the common area. Not just that but we urge Mr. Umar to go outside and hand out fliers for the college students outside.
 KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Social Media

As the world moves into the digital era, we, too, need to move with it. Through the use of multiple social media sites, we can help spread the word about the business. The social media platforms that we have created profiles for include Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram, 3 of the biggest platforms in all of Nigeria.
Even more important than the exposure, it provides Umar with the opportunity to grow relationships with his target audience, students. His fans, followers, and connections are people who know his organization, have likely done business with him in the past and will be most likely to tell their friends about him.

Our Presentation

Our Team

Our Internship Highlights

Meeting Our Business Partner

Our team began the solution-development process by having a one-on-one Skype call directly with Abdullahi in Nigeria. We learned more about his life, family, and business—as well as the issues he was having.
By discussing first-hand the problems Abdullahi faced, our team successfully and efficiently began to brainstorm solutions to improve his business. The on-staff translators and business development experts helped facilitate the process and ensured our team asked the right questions to put us on the right path to change the world.

Expert Assistance Work Shop

Our team then met with leading experts in the field of business and community development, from top US companies and the State Department, as well as specialized mentors in the field our solutions focused on.
We streamlined our initial solutions and used their guidance to further our efforts in solving Abdullahi’s problems. Our team advanced our communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills through hands-on project management and development.

Nigerian Embassy Consulting & Embassy Immersion Event

The Nigerian Embassy invited our team for an exclusive tour, a presentation on Nigerian economic development, and a banquet with top diplomats. We ate authentic Nigerian cuisine, immersed ourselves in the culture, and discussed problems facing Abdullahi and the country as a whole.
Our team also had the opportunity to tour other embassies, including the People’s Republic of China, France, Sweden, Israel, Austria, South Korea and Turkey, as well as a European Union lecture focused on international development and immigration issues.

Business Consulting, Speaking and Partnership Review By Leading Development Experts

Throughout the course of the program, our team also met one-on-one with leadership and community development experts. They offered advice on communicating effectively, reviewed our solution proposal, and briefed us on the upcoming presentation.
This consultation gave our team the confidence and acumen to develop practical solutions and present them to the panel.

Solution Review By Leaders from Dartmouth, the United Nations, the State Department and the Pentagon

Our team presented the final solutions to Shehu and a panel of expert judges from Dartmouth, the UN, the State Department, the Pentagon, and Nigerian Development experts. This formal presentation allowed our team to practice our skills and measure the effectiveness of our communication, all while showcasing our efforts to transform Shehu’s business and life.
This culmination of hard work truly demonstrated the impact our team had on Shehu and completed a life-changing week of personal growth for each and every one of us.