International Business and Leadership Summit

A life-changing opportunity to gain business experience unlike any other

Make a difference in the world today

Support people and families in the developing world and make a positive impact as you learn

Create real solutions for real businesses

Work directly with entrepreneurs in developing nations to solve the problems facing their businesses

College application assistance from experts

Prepare for college with included test preparation, scholarship and admissions assistance


The U.S. State Department
And many more!
From organizations like:
Disney Land
The Pentagon
Sysco Systems
Booz Allen Hamilton
Johnson & Johnson
Georgetown University

Create solutions with leading experts

Research problems and present your solutions to a panel of international development experts
Chip Kunde, VP of Government Relations, Sysco
Wike Kaiser, Senior VP, Citigroup
Brian N Wenny, Sr Scientist, NASA
Bill Stefan, Director for Enterprise Management, Department of Defense
And many more!
Mentors include:
Rick Kuehn, Commander, 452 Airlift Control Flight, U.S. Air Force
Ahmed Mohammed, Director of Talent Acquisition, Dartmouth College

Explore career options with industry leaders

Explore career opportunities with over 400 mentors from organizations like the FBI, Exxon, the Secret Service, and on Capitol Hill

Connect with peers from across the country

Explore the nation's capital and have fun with peers from all over the U.S.

Meet foreign leaders and diplomats

Meet leaders and diplomats at foreign embassies in Washington, D.C.

Advanced Medical & Public Health Summit

The Advanced Medical and Public Health Summit is a 10-day program at Georgetown University. Participants will meet with medical and health professionals, visit top medical facilities and become certified in First Aid, CPR and AED. Students will study real-world public health epidemics and diagnose a patient in a developing country using VR goggles as a final exam.

Grades: 9-12
Duration: 10 days
Summit Dates:
July 18th-July 24th
July 29th-August 7th
Location: Washington, DC

An Unparalleled Educational Experience

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0 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
0 Student Mentors
0 Diagnosed Patients
0 Lives Changed

2018 Advanced Medical & Public Health Summit

All Inclusive Tuition Cost-$3650

*Registration Before March 1st, $3400

Advanced Medical & Public Health SummitJuly 18th-July 24thGeorgetown University, Washington, D.C.Waiting List
Advanced Medical & Public Health SummitJuly 29th-August 7thGeorgetown University, Washington, D.C.Registration Still Available
Day 1

Advanced Medical & Public Health Summit Day 1

  • Arrive On Campus And Meet Student Partners From Around The World.
  • Meet With Law Program Partners And Team Leads.
  • Work With On-Site Legal Experts To Understand Your Client's Case.
  • Start Working With College Admissions Experts For future Applications.
Day 2

Advanced Medical & Public Health Summit Day 2

  • Learn How To Properly Interview A Patient Via A Simulation.
  • Meet With A Doctor From The Developing World And Learn About Their Lives.
  • Learn Basic Medical Techniques With Advanced Technology.
  • Practice Emergency Diagnosis And Medical Technique With Simulation Equipment.
Day 3

Advanced Medical & Public Health Summit Day 3

  • Become Certified By The Red Cross In CPR, First Aid, And AED.
  • Meet With Members Of Medical Schools To Learn About Applying To Medical School And Residency.
  • Hear From Medical Professionals About Groundbreaking Medical Techniques And New Technology.
  • Put Your CPR, First Aid, And AED Training To The Test With Staff.
Day 4

Advanced Medical & Public Health Summit Day 4

  • Explore Exclusive Tours Of Georgetown Hospital.
  • Experience Washington D.C. By Traveling To THe Supreme Court And Capitol Hill.
  • Learn How To Examine A Witness And Work With Our Nigerian Development Consultant.
  • Tour The National Institute of Health, The Center for Disease Control, The Red Cross, And Much More.
Day 5

Advanced Medical & Public Health Summit Day 5

  • Learn About How Officials Deal With Public Health Epidemics.
  • Work With A Team To Deal With Your Own Public Health Epidemic.
  • Tour The MedStar Simulation Training And Education Lab.
  • Learn About Ethical Conflicts In The Medical Field And Hear From Real Patients Whose Lives Have Been Profoundly Changed By Doctors.
Day 6

Advanced Medical & Public Health Summit Day 6

  • Observe A Live Surgery At Georgetown Hospital.
  • Explore A Career Fair Featuring A Variety Of Medical Professionals.
  • Learn about the life of a Nigerian Doctor face to face via a Skype Interview
  • Discover issues with healthcare systems, in both America and Nigeria
Day 7

Advanced Medical & Public Health Summit Day 7

  • Observe The Daily Lives Of General Doctors And Nurses.
  • Learn How To Draw Blood, Use Forceps, Take Blood Pressure, And Much More.
  • Perform A Head-To-Toe Examination Of A Patient And Practice On Peers.
  • Understand The Standardized Patient Encounter (SPE).

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